Empowering Communities, Enriching Futures!

Welcome to Afu-Mena International's website!

We are dedicated to empowering communities and enriching futures through responsible gold wholesaling. Our collaboration with NGOs supports tribal and indigenous communities, promotes sustainable mining practices, and makes a positive environmental impact. 

Discover our range of services, including Gold Bullion bars, International Gold Trade expertise, business advisory, and Suriname mining models. Together, let's shape a brighter and sustainable future. Join us on social media for updates and inspiring stories.

Thank you for visiting! Fun fact: Afu-Mena means "cherish what you have" in Pamaka, the language of the Maroon people in East Suriname. The Maroons are descendants of enslaved individuals who emancipated themselves and formed tribes in the Surinamese interior.

 "Empowering Communities, Enriching Futures"