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Investment Prospectus

Afu-Mena International: Committed to CSR, sustainability, and ethical practices. We collaborate with local communities, valuing trust and mutual respect for successful partnerships.

Sustainable Investment Partner

 Join us at Afu-Mena International as an investment partner and support our objectives. Your investment can create employment and market opportunities for local women in agriculture, raise awareness among small-scale miners in Suriname's interior, and promote and professionalize the traditional medicine of the Maroons and Indigenous communities.

Categories of Investment Partners

  • Gold Partner
  • Diamond Partner
  • Platinum Partner

 With your investment, you contribute to:

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Employment in the interior of Suriname
  • Promotion of mercury-free mining and gold processing
  • Contribution to environmental protection and preservation of the quality of the living environment
  • Preserving Maroon and Indigenous culture and traditions.
  • Promotion of Sustainability
  • Receipt of Troy ounces of investment gold (monthly investment gold received)
  • Visit and professional tour (2 to 4 nights) in Suriname (city and districts) Eco-tourism Suriname
  • Profit on invested capital


Please contact us for the conditions! Sustainable investment

  "Empowering Communities, Enriching Futures"